San Benito High School

Science & Robotics Building

San Benito High School District

A 27,000 square foot science classroom and robotics lab building, showcasing Folia’s scalability and adaptability.

Delivery Method:

Completed December 2019

Hollister, CA

As part of the San Benito High School District’s long-term plans to modernize its campus and expand its overall academic offerings, SBHSD sought a cost-efficient, high-quality and timely solution to provide its students with a new, state-of-the-art science building and robotics lab. After a competitive process, the District selected long-standing partner, Blach Construction, to build the new, Folia-based addition on its sprawling campus. Slated for construction to commence in summer 2018, the building will be ready for the 2019-2020 school year. It will truly exemplify the adaptability and efficiency that Folia achieves.

Showcasing Folia’s sheer scalability, this building is roughly 27,000 square feet, the largest Folia building to date. Even so, Folia’s system efficiencies will allow SBHSD a highly customized building in an expedited, 12-month time frame. And moreover, the Blach + QKA team is working with SBHSD’s existing architect to adapt the baseline Folia design to match the campus’ Mission-style exterior.

“Construction on a campus as large and active as ours can be a complicated and worrisome endeavor. However, the Blach Construction team always keeps me well-informed and up-to-date, which provides a high degree of comfort,” stated SBHSD Superintendent, Shawn Tennenbaum. “I never have to worry and know that we’re in good hands with Blach Construction.”

SBHSD Construction Project Manager Rob Zimmerman added, “The Blach team is an extension of our team. They listen to our needs and concerns, handle difficult situations politely and always do what’s in our best interest. Plus, the product they deliver is perfect. All of that combined is pretty rare.”