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Folia [Greek φωλιά] noun: nest; a place where groups are nourished, collaborate and thrive

Folia is more than a structure. It represents our forward-thinking team, partnering to deliver award-winning, high-performance education buildings. The brain trust of renown AEC experts Blach Construction, Quattrocchi Kwok Architects and Gregory P. Luth Structural Engineers, Folia is the result of our uncommon approach to a common endeavor — we have revolutionized the design and construction process.

Pre-engineered and structural steel at their core, Folia buildings combine the lasting durability, higher quality and customization of site-built structures with the cost and schedule efficiencies of modular construction. While designed with schools in mind, Folia is ideally suited for workplace, healthcare and most other industries as well.

Independently, we design, construct and build. Collectively, we are Folia. And together, we deliver.

Blach Construction

Commercial Builder

For 50 years, Blach has been enhancing Northern and Central California communities, building award-winning offices, research labs, education, healthcare, religious and civic structures. Their focus on excellence extends beyond the long-lasting buildings they construct into the positive experience their life-long customers consistently have. Committed to innovation, they are constantly finding new ways to increase efficiencies of commercial construction without sacrificing the quality for which they’re known so well.

Quattrocchi Kwok Architects


Since 1986, QKA has provided top-tier architectural design services to California educational clients. With a specialty for designing 21st century learning spaces, QKA pioneers innovative and sustainable design solutions for each project they undertake. Their expansive project portfolio includes the completion of more than 1,700 projects that have resulted in a highly improved educational experience for thousands of students and teachers.

Gregory P. Luth & Associates

Structural Engineers and Builders

For more than 40 years, GPLA has been recognized as a pre-eminent structural engineering firm with a portfolio that spans projects from residential and specialty structures to commercial construction and renovation. Their technical staff continually applies critical problem-solving skills, taking a holistic approach to each project by personally drawing vital details that ensure the integrity of each project – something that sets them apart in the structural engineering industry.